Constanta Aquarium

On a quiet afternoon we recommend taking a stroll along with all your family or friends on the cliff of Constanta. Here besides the pictures you can do with the famous Constanta Casino building, you can visit the aquarium. The building that currently houses the Constanta Aquarium was built in the mid-twentieth century as an annexe of the Casino and has functioned for a good time as a restaurant. Since 1958, the building has been redeveloped and since then hosts hundreds of marine and marine life species from various parts of the world. Organized in three main sections, Exotic Pisces, Sweet Water and Marina, the aquarium attracts hundreds of visitors every day.

From the Parc Hotel you can reach directly in about 30 minutes by 40 bus from Pescarie Station to 1 Gate Station. Also, in order to enjoy more of your holiday on this route you can also find the busses busses.

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