The Greek Church

The Greek Church "Change of face" is the first church in the city, being built in 1868, with the contribution of the Greek community.

 The story of the beautiful church began a century and a half ago, when Dobrogea was part of the Ottoman Empire, and marked the "birth" of the first Christian place of worship in Constanta. The construction of the church started in 1862 with the consent of Sultan Abdul Aziz Bin Mehmet Han who thus responded positively to the request of the Greek community to build a place of worship in the area.

Many of the objects that still beautify the "Metamorphosis" Church today are very precious and were brought from abroad by Greek ethnics shortly before the construction of the shrine began. Remarkable are the four polycandres with Murano crystals donated in 1862, six silver candlesticks brought from Constantinople, a Gospel with silver covers and many icons made between 1812-1870. One of the most important icons of the Greek church "Metamorphosis" is the one that embodies Saint Fanurie, a saint much loved by the Greek Orthodox. The original painting inside the church was made in oil by a painter from Mount Athos, but due to the smoke from the candles it deteriorated and was replaced with a new one between 1988-1989.


Today, the Greek Church "Metamorphosis" arouses the curiosity of passers-by precisely because of its small size and the uniqueness of its architecture. Its beauty and importance for the city made the place of worship officially declared a historical monument and cultural monument of Constanta.

Here is the address of the Greek Church "Metamorphosis" in Constanța:

Mircea cel Batran Street 36, Constanţa

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