Bust of Mihai Eminescu

The statue complex dedicated to the great poet was unveiled in the 1934 year, has a height of 3m and is the work of the sculptor Oscar Han.

The monument is located near the sea on the Casino's cliff, thus fulfilling one of the wishes expressed by the artist in poetry poems:

"I miss one more…"
"I have one more longing:
In the evening
Let me die
At the edge of the sea. "

The poet Mihai Eminescu saw the sea for the first time in the year 1882, when he was 32 for years. He hiked for 10 days in Constanta to make baths at the recommendation of doctors, and to indulge in the beauty of the water.

Some specialists support the thesis that the female character beneath the bust of the poet is Calliope, the muse of music, song, dance, eloquence and epic poetry, while others believe that this statue is a representation of the poet's beloved.

The initiative of raising a monument in honor of Mihai Eminescu belonged to IN Roman, the brilliant lawyer, writer, journalist, mayor and politician of Constanta, who personally met the poet. IN Roman was the one who took the necessary funds for the works.

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