The Orthodox Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Archbishopric Orthodox Cathedral "Saints Peter and Paul", the largest city worship building, was built between 1883-1885.

The cathedral dedicated to Saint Paul and Paul is the largest and most important Orthodox place of worship in Dobrogea, being also known as the Archbishop's Cathedral of Tomis. The church is located in the historic area of ​​the city, close to Elisabeta Boulevard and the seafront in the Casino area.

Built between 1883 and 1885, the beautiful church was the first Orthodox settlement built in Dobrogea after its liberation from the rule of the Ottoman Empire. The cult was built from brick and concrete according to the plans of the famous architect Ioan Mincu.

The interior furniture, made of catapetasm, side, chandeliers, polycots and candlesticks, is original and was made in Paris, made of oak, according to the architect's drawings. Part of this furniture, with an elegant outing, is covered with gold leaf and embedded with semiprecious stones. From the point of view of the original interior paintings, St. Peter's and Paul's Cathedral has an interesting story. The steps for painting the church were started in the 1888 year, three years after the end of the construction. The task was given to Demetrescu Mirea, a famous painter of the time.

The patrimony of St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral includes old icons, including an icon of wonders of the Mother of God, gospels, epitaphs, objects of worship made of precious materials, and the relics of three saints.

In December 2001, the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul was declared the archbishopric church of monastic character. Since then, the services have been celebrated twice a day, morning and evening, by monks who live in the Archbishop's Palace near the cathedral.

Here you will find the address of the Orthodox Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul Constanța:

25 Archdiocese Street, Constanţa

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