Communication plays an increasingly important role in our everyday life. We are increasingly experiencing the situations in which we want to convey something to people, and for this we want to have a wider audience, willing to share as many people as we have to expose. However, when you want a broad audience or when you want to send a message, you should also keep in mind the location where you will do this exposure.
We offer the alternative for situations where your company wants to apply a specialization course for employees, or exposures on certain topics of interest to more people working in the same field. Perhaps your business space does not allow a number of people to be satisfied or maybe you want to hold a meeting away from the curious eye of the competition. Or maybe you are in the situation where it is desired to combine the useful with your liking and your company decides that these meetings take place in a similarly organized framework, but that also allows for relaxing moments after participating in these discussions.

When we do not have a suitable location for our purpose or when the location we have does not match as endowments or as hosting opportunities for the number of people expected to attend, the most convenient solution is to rent a conference room on which We can offer it, a hall that will meet you with all that is necessary to ensure the good unfolding of an event.

Hotel Parc Mamaia can meet any type of request with three conference rooms. Each of these halls has all the necessary facilities for a meeting organized here to be one without problems and with a high potential for success. Benefiting from the most up-to-date technical facilities, including high-speed internet, videoprojector, overhead projector, sound system and air conditioning, the halls provide the participants and other elements necessary for the smooth running of these meetings. Additionally, there is also a variety of counseling options for arranging rooms according to the number of participants, with pre-set variants or personalized arrangements, as well as the possibility to make a selection assisted by hotel staff in terms of coffee breaks .

Thus, Hotel Parc Mamaia welcomes all the guests with a complex offer of hosting events of any kind, conferences, seminars or courses and specializations, trainings and other kinds of such events, the rooms available for the hotel being able to Host between 30 and 130 of people each. We also offer the necessary accommodation for those who choose to spend the seaside for a long time, including all the services we have gained our reputation over the years.

Quality, seriousness and professionalism have always been and will remain the defining elements in our work. We are dedicated to providing the best services, so returning to our hotel is not just a necessity but a real pleasure.

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