Palace Hotel

Built on the seafront in 1914, in the vicinity of the Casino, the Palace Hotel was from the beginning a high-class hotel for its time, having as its owner Baron Edgar de Marçay, one of the shareholders of the Monte Carlo Casino.

The Palace was the gambler's hotel. From its beginnings, the hotel was built specifically for players who made or lost their fortunes in the Casino on the Constanta waterfront, at the beginning of the 20th century.

The connection between the Palace and the Casino was a natural one, and the distance of about 500 meters that separated the two buildings was walked at an alert pace by the discreet rich, who came from abroad, between the gaming rooms and the rest rooms. Those who won always arrived at the reception of the Palace Hotel, but those who lost did not. Some of them, intoxicated by the Bacchic liquors and the thrill of defeat, often found their fate among the sharp rocks that pierced the waves of the sea.

The building was designed on the high cliff, with a monumental staircase that descended straight into the waters of the sea. The foundations of the hotel, extremely durable, were meant to protect not only from possible landslides, but also, most often, from stormy waves, common outside the summer season. There are no spaces open to the sea, as you could generously meet at "Mercur" or "Regnier" because, almost certainly, none of the rich guests wanted to enjoy the sun or the sea but, that's it!, a splash of luck.

The Palace didn't really have 400 rooms, but only 250, but it was certainly one of the most comfortable hotels in Constanta, being included, along with Vila Regnier, in the "luxury" category. After the fall of the communist regime, the hotel returned to its former owners and, after a period of repairs and consolidation, re-entered the tourist circuit on the Black Sea shore.

Here you can find the address of the Palace Hotel in Constanța:

  5-7 Remus Opreanu Street, Constanta

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