Nature DINO Park

At Delfinariu entrance is Dino Park. Here you can reach very easily, it is only two bus stops from the Parc hotel in Mamaia resort or you can take a walk on Mamaia boulevard by only 25 minutes.
Here you can find a number of 38 exhibits, faithful children of prehistoric animals. For the atmosphere to be complete, Dino Park creators have also introduced sound modules that faithfully reproduce their sounds. This place gives us the opportunity to discover this whole world disappearing now 65 millions of years after the landing of a meteorite with a diameter of 10 km in diameter.
Children will have fun! I can climb some exhibits or even take pictures from the mouth of prehistoric giant fishes.

Before arriving in the area, it would be ideal to book an entry to one of the Dolphin and Dollar Grand Dolphins at the Dolphinarium. This can be done directly on the official site of the Museum of Natural Science.

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