Special Events Baptisms

If you are looking for a perfect place to organize a special event like baptism, Hotel Parc Mamaia offers you all the necessary facilities and facilities to ensure a successful recipe. Show Only of our hotel is an inspired choice for all parents who want to mark their child's baptism properly.

Organizing a christening la Hotel Parc Mamaia Can be customized according to the parents' wish so that they can say at the end of the party that they could not make a better choice. The party is not restricted to the interior of the salon Only, But can also be extended by the pool and on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant. These open spaces can be arranged and accessed appropriately with flower petals in water, candlesticks and other special decorations.

Thus, elegance, refinement and fun interweave successfully in the Unique Suite of our seafront hotel. Parc Mamaia Hotel offers many opportunities for guests to such an event. They will enjoy an impeccable service provided by the professional staff of our establishment, the clothing and the attitude of our employees rising to a height.

Invitees who accompany children to a baptism can let them play in their specially designed space for this purpose. The attention and care of the hotel's employees are at the highest level, so that parents stay calm and enjoy the party they are invited to attend. Those who will be alongside the child's parents at the baptism organized at the Parc Mamaia Hotel will certainly be impressed by the view they will have and the quality of the services they offer.

Hotel Parc Mamaia enjoys a recognized reputation in Mamaia summer resort being chosen by many businessmen, foreign and Romanian tourists and holiday lovers and holiday makers in general. Featuring 200 seats, the Unique salon is quite roomy for a large party, with guests being accommodated in 380's hotel accommodation.

The rich experience of our employees in this area is another guarantee for the trust that customers can have in the services we offer. The menu can also be adapted to each customer, the cake and cakes prepared here are inscribed with the name of the child whose baptism is organized at the Parc Mamaia Hotel.

The menu is a vast one, including plate dishes, main dishes, dishes, salads, drinks of the best and desserts that can be ordered from a wide range of possibilities. These include pastries and snacks that guests can consume.

They will benefit from numerous facilities, including some dedicated to business meetings, including the two elegant conference rooms equipped with the highest standards in the field. Hotel Parc Mamaia is located near the Aqua Magic, and those accommodated here can find other ways of relaxing in the surroundings, according to their preferences.