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The variety of options that the Unique restaurant offers you will make you take a serious option for organizing the wedding in this extraordinary place in all respects. Located in the four-star Hotel Parc Mamaia - Constanta, the Unique Restaurant is the right place for the wedding you are planning, the experience gained by the professionals who work here, both in the organization and in the gastronomy, speaking for themselves.

The atmosphere you will have will be one in height, both in our own and figuratively, in our restaurant. You definitely want the wedding you plan to be organized very well to the smallest detail, so that you can channel all the energy to the event itself and enjoy it.

Experienced chefs and professional staff, smiling and always courteous, are just a few elements that can convince you that the choice of our hotel is right for you. The menu is a diversified one, adapted to refined tastes and even the most demanding of gourmets.

Hotel Parc Mamaia caters to all categories of clients, be they family or dynamic people, looking for fun and good mood. Children have a specially arranged space where they can play and can put their imagination and creativity to work. Everything is done under close supervision of hotel staff, while parents can sit quietly at meetings they have set up or enjoy in silence for their moments.

Fine dining tastes will surely be spoiled by the special menu made available to those who choose the Unique Restaurant. Mirias have the choice of decor, accessories and menu, all of which can be customized according to their tastes. The sound system and the air filtration system also rise to the expectations of those who choose this wonderful place for their wedding.

The capacity of the Unique Mamaia salon amounts to 200 seats. Elegance is the word of order when we think of a wedding. For this reason, Unique's staff is experienced and well-trained, including fashionable, to create a special atmosphere and offer invitations and bridesmaids an irresistible service.

Sky View Salon is a very special place of our hotel, located on the 14 floor of the Parc Mamaia - Constanţa hotel, the view being truly remarkable, the guests being really impressed with the choice of such a place for the formalization of the marriage.

A particularly inspiring choice is the one that includes package and guest accommodation. They will be able to rest properly as they are after a wedding and will appreciate the gift that the bride can do.

In addition, those who choose to spend a few days here will have a free jacuzzi, swimming pool or go for a bicycle ride if they want to move. In addition, after a fun-filled wedding, the famous soup will delight those who will stay at Hotel Parc Mamaia - Constanta.

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