Angel Saligny statue

Work of the sculptor Oscar Han, an extremely important but also controversial artist, the figure of the character who definitively marked the history of Constanța and Dobrogea looks towards the port.

On the base of the statue is mounted a marble plaque with the text:



He designed and managed the construction work and
modernization of the port of Constanta (1899-1910)
foreshadowing his future development.
His achievements place him among the most brilliant Romanian engineers.
October 16, 1996
On the occasion of the centenary of the port of Constanța

The bronze statue of Anghel Saligny was made in 1957 by the sculptor Oscar Han. It is 3 meters high and represents Anghel Saligny at rest, standing.

Anghel Saligny was a remarkable construction engineer, world forerunner of the science of metal and reinforced concrete constructions, creator of multiple inventions and unique solutions in the design and construction of bridges and industrial constructions, for the foundation of harbor quays and docks, as well as silos wheat through the use of precast concrete, all in a world premiere.

Saligny's imprint on Romania's modernization was profound. In Constanța, Brăila, Galati and Giurgiu, on Prahova Valley, on the railway line that crosses Moldova from south to north, at the Romanian Academy, at the School of Bridges and Roads and especially at the crossing over the Danube in Dobrogea, "the great work, the work the splendid, the admirable work... the work of national pride", as Ţiţeica said in 1925.

Here you can find the address of the Statue of Anghel Saligny in Constanța:

Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, Constanța

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