The Statue of Ovid

The opera of the renowned Italian sculptor Ettore Ferrari, is an emblematic statue of the city and probably the most important monument of Constanta.

The statue was unveiled in August 1887 in the presence of local personalities of the time and was a festive event for the entire city. The bronze statue depicts the writer Ovid in a meditative pose, and on its pedestal is inscribed the text:

"Underneath that stone falls Ovidiu the singer
Love was licked by his talent.
Oh, you pass by and you've ever loved it
She asks for the dance to sleep smoothly. "

As a reaction against the long Ottoman rule over Dobrudja, which for centuries stifled national consciousness, the Romanian authorities and intellectuals in Constanta accentuated the idea of ​​the Romanity of this territory immediately after gaining independence. In this atmosphere of national revival, the figure of the poet Ovidius appears as a symbol of Romanian permanence over the centuries. Expressing this state of mind, the prefect of Constanţa County, Remus N. Opreanu, took the initiative to eternalize through a monument, the memory of the exiled poet at Tomis.

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