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Mamaia Telegondola

Mamaia resort is among the favorite destinations of Romanian and foreign tourists in the summer season. In it there are numerous objectives worth visiting, besides the Black Sea beach and the surroundings full of history and full of pleasant surprises. The gondola in Mamaia has become a symbol of this resort in recent years due to the spectacular views it offers visitors.Mamaia Telegondola


This complex installation was inaugurated in the 2004 year, and the touristic potential it had was very well understood by those who have done this bold project. From the telegondola can be seen, in the eight minutes of the trip over Mamaia resort, many wonderful views that will really conquer those who will want to live such a sensation at height.


The length of the walk takes about two kilometers, and it takes place between Hotel Perla and Casino. Mamaia resort is a top tourist destination of the Romanian seaside, and there are many beautiful hotels that can be admired from the gondola passing over the resort at a height of 50 meters.


Not only Mamaia can admire from the comfort of the gondola, but also the city of Constanta, the Black Sea and Siut Ghiol Lake. Everything is guaranteed during such a trip. The comfort is ensured by the indoor benches, which are provided by the specialists who are constantly monitoring the monitoring, checking and maintenance of the Mamaia gondola.


Aqua Magic Mangalia gondolaIn addition, the price of a trip is not too high, it being accessible to all those who arrive on the coast and want to keep pleasant memories from this place. Few places in Romania can boast so many tourist attractions and sights worth visiting, as is the case of Mamaia resort, and the gondola is the top. The gondola in Mamaia has been designed so that it can cope with a high flow of tourists who want to admire the panorama from its height.


Thus, every hour with it can be transported not less than 1500 by people (this is the maximum number that the network has). For seven minutes, any tourist will feel at a height both in his own and figuratively in the gondola. Each of the booths has an eight-seater capacity, the transport being ensured in very good conditions, regardless of the weather conditions of the resort.


The cabin 49 that operates on the installation cables follows a period of time reaching 48 for seconds. Thus, both the families and the bigger groups that come to the seaside to have fun will have the most beautiful moments in the gondola in the Mamaia resort. Many of those who arrive here do not miss the chance to admire the gorgeous landscape of the Romanian seaside from a height from which it can not be seen from another place in Romania.


So do not hesitate to take a gondola ride when you arrive at Mamaia resort, it is only 10 meters from the Parc hotel and the fun and memories you will stay with will be strong reasons to come back here.


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