The Royal Villa

Named the Royal Palace of Mamaia during the monarchy, the building was part of the property of Princess Elena, the mother of King Michael. There the young king spent part of his childhood summers.

The Royal Palace was designed by the Italian architect Mario Stoppa and built by Carlo Actis, under the direct leadership of the architect Constantine D. Dobrescu.

The works of the great summer residence began in 1923 and ended three years later. The attic palace had a central heating system, a modern kitchen, a wardrobe, a laundry room, a buffet, and a courtyard with a well in the middle of which a well was built. Unfortunately, the Queen did not spend any day in the castle that stretched over an area of ​​1.200 square meters, says Doina Păuleanu, director of the Constanţa Art Museum, because she discovered Balchik, where she built another castle and where she used to to go every summer.

But the queen, tells us Doina Păuleanu, often came to the castle in Mamaia to pursue his construction. Take advantage of the opportunity and go gallop to endless sandy stretches. "Pretty beautiful queen described those wonderful moments in Mamaia, when the wind stroked her clothes and stroked her hair. At the same time, we find a nearly deserted resort, with only a few villas and few people. After the year 1935 Mamaia begins to develop, "adds Doina Păuleanu.

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