Aqua Magic Mamaia

The largest water park in Romania is just a 10-minute walk from our hotel. With an area of ​​5 square meters, Aqua Magic Mamaia offers you specially designed areas for children and adults, plenty of swimming pools, slides, playgrounds for children, relaxation areas for the big ones and many restaurants. Besides aquatic fun, Aqua Magic organizes daily karaoke contests, aqua dance kids or miss aqua magic specially designed for children. There is a specially designed area for babies, baby cats, with a surface of 27.500 mp, depth of water up to 330 cm and is distinguished by the multitude of mini-slides, animated pools and stories of stories. For older children there is a specially designed playground, consisting of pools and multiple slides, on a surface of 20 mp and depth of 875 cm water, cooldown slides, covered or uncovered speed slides, craters, side winders, floats or rivers, are just some of the attractions of the amusement park.

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