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If we were to choose between the possibility of feeling good and the possibility of benefiting from the same comfort at a price that is, say, 5% lower, most of us would definitely choose the second option. It is in our nature to try to take advantage of something extra or a reduced price when such an opportunity arises. We know this and that is why our offers are always adapted to your needs, especially when it comes to comfort.

Understanding very well an economic principle that clearly shows that the losses resulting from a lower price are amortized by a larger number of customers who buy, and then to register more consistent gains, Hotel Parc Mamaia provides potential customers a series of offers, which are more and more attractive.

In addition to the price reductions for certain periods in which reservations can be made, Hotel Parc also comes with the most attractive offers in terms of recreation or leisure opportunities.

Among the hotel's facilities we can list SkyView Bar, a place located on the 15th floor of the hotel, which offers both opportunities to relax during the day in a pleasant atmosphere and the opportunity to have unforgettable night parties, all seasoned with a wonderful view offered by the special location.

Another leisure time that Hotel Parc comes with is the swimming pool. For many the seafront pool is not an attraction, but if we consider that the sea water may have a lower temperature on some days, while the pool water is temperature controlled and suitable for a swimming session, or that the beach is sometimes so crowded that we can hardly find our sunbed after a swim in the sea, while the space on the pool is well arranged, then we seem to begin to understand much better the usefulness of the pool.

Renting fun games or bicycles are other free offers that Hotel Parc Mamaia will welcome you with. There are times when we want to get out of everyday life and become children again, and fun games will definitely help you in fulfilling this goal. And if we then take a bike ride on the beach, the day seems to be one of the most successful.

Clearly after such a full day the hunger will set in quickly. Our offer in terms of culinary possibilities is complete and materializes through a restaurant with a capacity of 190 seats and a kitchen that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

And the offers don't stop here. There are also risks on the coast, and some of them can be manifested in the case of young ladies or gentlemen. We are talking about strong winds and sun, which can sometimes have unpleasant effects on the skin of the fairer sex. Hotel Parc also offers a beauty center, where ladies and gentlemen can benefit from both advice and care and beauty treatments that will ensure that your stay on the beach will not leave unwanted traces. Here we also meet those who want to participate in various events and want to benefit from a more elegant hairstyle or a more elaborate makeup.

We try not to neglect anything, so that the possibilities to spend a really pleasant stay are not overshadowed by shortcomings or needs that cannot be satisfied. We cannot say that our offer is the most convincing. But so do the clients who have crossed our threshold, those who have benefited from what we have to offer, those who have now become truly recurring clients.