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Ovidiu Island, Constanta

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Ovidiu Island is the only tourist destination in our country that is on a natural island. The island is a unique place that year after yearTourists who want to escape from the crowd in Mamaia in a quiet, secluded place, even for a few hours. Ovidu Island is an island of limestone origin; This is the legendary place where the poet Publius Ovidius Naso (lived between the years 43 i.Hr - 17 AD) was exiled in the year 8 AD. By Emperor Augustus. During his stay on the island, Publius Ovidius wrote the works "Sad and Pontic".
The island was created thousands of years ago by nature; In time, people put their mark on it and created an attraction for tourists from all over the country, but also a series of legends. The island is at 500 m away from the shore of Ovidiu and at 5000 m away from Mamaia Resort. The name of the island is given by the poet with the same name exiled here, Publius Ovidius Naso. The surface of the island is about 26000 mp; About half of the surface is arranged for tourist purposes. According to research on the island, the earliest settlements of people in the area date back to the time of the Getae-Getae and Geto-Dacians; There are also human traces dating from the Paleolithic on the island. Over time, Daco-Getic-Scythian populations and Greek colonies lived in the area.
At the base of the island's birth is a beautiful legend that connects the island of Siutghiol Lake and the statue of Ovidu, which is today in Constanta; It is said that the place where today is the lake and the island, in the past was a large stretch of land inhabited by bad people and greedy people. Here, on one of the old days, God strolled along with St. Peter, asking the locals a place to rest overnight; No one took hold of them, so they climbed a hill where a lonely house was seen. There they came upon a poor old man whose fortune was a barren cow; The only one to visit the old man was Ovid, who was biting the way from Rome to ask her health from time to time. The old man accepted to host them for a night, saying from the start that he had nothing to eat before eating and drinking. Hearing this, God tells the old man to go and graze the cow; The poor woman apologizes and tells God that the cow is stearpa and that she can not give her milk, to which God insists and sends the woman to try, saying that it is not known and the miracles are happening. The legend says that the cow has given so much milk that the old man managed to fill all the pots in the house. At the request of the two guests, the old man puts a handful of flour in the jar and suddenly the room is filled with the smell of hot bread. The miracle was even bigger because as the guests and the old man broke a piece of bread, it rose again.
With the insertion, the old man and the two guests went to sleep but the morning when the woman awoke, the guests were already gone. Going out of the house, he saw that at the foot of the hill there was no land but a lake of fresh and white water like milk. When he saw one like this, the old man called Ovidu who had already bedecked in an old room in his house; Of amazement he turned into a stony stone.
Legend has it that the lake with fresh and white water like milk is Siutghiol Lake, and the hill on which the house of old and old is located is Ovidiu Island.

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