TROPAEUM TRAIANI, also known as the Adamclisi Triumph Monument

Situated near Adamclisi village, at 60 km from Constanta, the monument has a controversial origin, some dating back to our era, others placed in the fourth century during the reign of Emperor Constantine.

Recent research has led to the conclusion that the monument was built around 109, about the same time as Trajan's Column in the Rome Forum.


The Daco-Roman wars and the victory of Trajan followed by the conquest of Dacia was considered the most important battle and was celebrated with great pomp in Rome. Following this war, the Roman Empire reached the peak of its power, being the only war after which all the great monuments were built:

Traian's Column from the Rome Forum and Tropaeum Traiani from Adamclisi.

But what battle did you get on the Adamclisi plateau?

In the 101-102 winter, during the First War, Decebal concluded an agreement with some tribes in the north, including the Sarmatians and the Dacians costabaci. They were to cross Dobrogea and take the Balkan Sipca step to interrupt the supply of the Roman Legions stationed in southern Dacia.

101-102 was very gentle in the winter, so Traian could carry his army on the Danube, and the sacked cavalry made it difficult for the Danube from Harsova to suffer great losses.

Armed 2 met on the Adamclisi plateau, with the Romans earning a significant victory. The monument was discovered by Grigore Tocilescu in the 1882 year and was rebuilt in the year 1977. Has 39 m height and a base diameter of 38 m.

On the exterior walls are 54 of 1.48 / 1.49 m metaphors, which depict war scenes. Adamclisi's triumphal ensemble was much larger. Next to it is a funeral altar in which the name of 3800 was fired by Romanian soldiers fallen into battle.

There is also a mausoleum of 3 concentric walls in which the commander who has decided the fate of the battle at the cost of his life was buried. At 2 km west of the monument you can visit the citadel, the basilica, the necropolis, the citadel and extramural dwellings.

The TROPAEUM TRAIANI fortress dates back to 170 and was a very important urban center. In the 12-13 centuries it was the seat of one of the 5 bishops in Dobrogea.

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