Accommodation in Mamaia

Accommodation MamaiaWhen you plan your vacation you want to have the highest quality services in order to enjoy the desired relaxation. Mamaia is one of the most popular tourist resorts in our country, where many hotels can be found where you can make reservations for larger groups of young people, for families or groups of young people, including students or students who decide to spend their holiday Summer at sea.


At Hotel Parc you can find several types of accommodation that can be booked by tourists who choose the services of our unit. The double rooms offer facilities that will fully satisfy the wishes of those who will choose them. They are suitable for couples and offer the intimacy, peace and comfort needed for a relaxing beach holiday.


Twin rooms are for those who want to live in the same room during their stay, but do not want to sleep in the same bed. They are very well suited for young people in large groups at sea on vacation, employees arriving at Hotel Parc Mamaia for team-buildings or friends who want to spend their vacation together or their vacation in Mamaia.


Tourists who want to have the necessary space to enjoy their free time at the Black Sea in the resort of Mamaia can choose to stay at our hotel and in an apartment. It is perfect for families with children, because its members will always be together. An apartment offers to all those living in it the space necessary for the development of their own activities, be it children or the adults accompanying them.


Not only those who come to vacation at the sea can stay at Hotel Parc Mamaia. There are also groups of employees from companies that want to organize various conferences in the Mamaia resort. Thus, the results obtained in the activities carried out will be in line with the expectations of those who choose our services, all because of the support that the professional team here offers to all our clients.


In resort Mamaia, reservations must be made in advance by tourists who want to come to the seaside here because the accommodation is reserved fast. Especially at the peak of the summer season, Mamaia resort becomes the center of entertainment, the numerous events organized by the authorities here, to the liking of those who choose Mamaia for their vacation. Numerous tourists choose Mamaia because of this aspect, the fun, good taste and elegance are words of order in Mamaia every summer and not only.


Mamaia resort is not only dedicated to those with a large budget. All tourists who come here can find in Mamaia competitive accommodation prices, especially adapted to the needs and requirements of Romanian and foreign tourists.


Reservations can be made both through travel agencies, and by phone or online. The benefits of booking more than before the season start are numerous. The price is lower than when the reservation is made at the last minute but even then you can have the pleasant surprise to catch a "Last Minute" offer. Those who choose Mamaia for their vacation will definitely be excited and will want to come back here always.


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