Roman mosaic edifice

One of the most remarkable archaeological vestiges of the ancient city of Tomis is the Romanesque mosaic edifice, which has a surface over 2000 mp, which has now preserved 600 meters of mosaic carpet.

 Importance archaeological Roman mosaic edifice meant that during the years 1970-1976 to build above the monument in the original mosaic, a structure of steel, concrete and glass for protection.

It was discovered after the works made for the construction of some blocks of flats in the autumn of 1959. Originally, the construction extended on three of the four terraces of the cliff of the Tomitan port. The first terrace was located at the current level of Ovidiu Square and connected with one of the public squares of the ancient city.

Several sheds and the impressive mosaic pavilion hall occupied the next terrace of the edifice. The mosaic hall was the actual meeting place for merchants and officials of the time. The last terrace was situated at the level of the ancient harbor, and still contained a number of vaulted warehouses, covered today with limestone.

The Roman Mosaic Building is a monumental ancient construction located in the immediate vicinity of the Museum of National History and Archeology Constanta, on the seafront between Ovidiu Square and Aleea Marinarilor.

Here you can find the visiting schedule and the address of the “Roman Mosaic Building” Constanța:

Ovidiu 12 Square, Constanţa

8:00 - 20:00 (summer); 9:00 - 17:00 (winter)

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