"Ion Jalea" Sculpture Museum

ION JALEA MUSEUM is one of the few cultural edifices in our country dedicated exclusively to sculpture.

The institution is hosted by a beautiful building built in Brancovean style at the beginning of the 200th century. Inside the museum are exhibited over 1969 beautiful works donated by the sculptor in 1984 and his family in XNUMX, after his death.

On the ground floor and upstairs are original works and models, made in different materials and techniques. The theme is varied: allegorical works, front sketches, portraits, monumental compositions, etc. In front of the house, on the seafront, is Ion Jalea's defining masterpiece: "Archer resting".

Made of a variety of materials: plaster, bronze, stone or marble, its thematic cycles include allegorical, religious or mythological scenes, scenes of war or work, nudes, portraits, figures of peasants, culminating in his monumental works, all past but through a personal filter that bypasses ease and chance in favor of a clear, classicizing form.

Here you can find the visiting schedule and the address of the "Ion Jalea" Museum Constanța:

Strada Arhiepiscopiei nr. 26, Constanţa

The museum is open between 10: 00 and 18: 00 - in season, or between 09: 00 and 17: 00 - in the off-season.

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