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History and legends of Mamaia resort

Mamaia 20sMamaia resort has become famous both in the country and abroad due to the numerous tourist attractions it hosts. Those who want to have an unforgettable beachfront holiday now make it a priority to book a hotel in Mamaia resort. This year will be 109 years since the inauguration of this extraordinary place our country has.

Its inauguration was made with great authority by authorities because Mamaia was regarded as a top destination of our seaside. The oats of the event were also attended by senior Romanian officials, among them two ministers, Gradisteanu and Banescu. Every good weather wanted to reach Mamaia, the resort being described by many writers of Roman literature and not only.

"Mamaia: huge expanses of sand, a beach so wide that its end is lost in the distance, with rose shells like flower petals thrown by fairies, sea baths and that laughter that erupts when cold water rushes on you, the rustle the whisper of the waves breaking one by one gently from the shore, each leaving a strip of snow-white foam; games through the sand, crazy dogs struggling with
A thick piece of wood thrown by shore waves or madness of joy and running like gray greyhounds in a gruesome run along the beach, barking drunkenly; Bone with the tools needed for bathing: with umbrellas and words of dojana, then again laughter, laughter. Boats slowly drifting down the lakes, the sun pouring mercilessly on our heads, transforming water into a cloth of light that burns our eyes. "

This is what Queen Maria said, who immediately fell in love with this place, built here in the 20s of the last century the Royal Palace in Mamaia.


The first hotel built in Mamaia was Rex, he kept his original architecture over time. Unfortunately, many buildings in the Mamaia resort were destroyed during the Second World War. Reconstruction was started by the communist regime.


Subsequently, Nicolae Ceausescu decided that many hotels should be built in Mamaia to cope with the large influx of tourists who preferred the place when they came to the sea. In the post-decade, Mamaia recorded a troubled period, but the resort was then relaunched and regained its former fame.

Castle Mamaia 80s

The name of the resort has an interesting history. According to historians, her name would come from that of a person of Tatar origin, Mamai. He was the one who owned, at the end of the 19 century, a large area of ​​land in the area. Another legend about the name of the resort involves a tragic incident. According to her, the daughter of a shepherd, drowning in the Siutghiol lake because of the Turks, would have been heard calling her own mother Lia called in a dead voice.


Siutghiol Lake is another tourist destination worth visiting by those who reach the seaside in Mamaia. Jums of the lake would come, according to linguistic experts, from Turkish. The words "Sut" and "Gol" mean in Turkish "Lake Lacrosse". The first sites were built in Mamaia starting with the year 1905, the resort being inaugurated in the year 1906.


As a consequence of the accelerated development of the resort, the authorities decided at that time to build a railway line on which the trains that brought tourists to Mamaia to circulate. The true fame of the resort became known internationally during the interwar period, when more and more foreign tourists arrived here.


Mamaia resort is also remarkable by the impressive surface of the beach. There are places where its width reaches no less than 200 meters, tourists finding here a place where you can enjoy the full sun and the swollen waters of the Black Sea.

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